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2019 29 Aug

Questions for Mats Eilertsen

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ONE – when one listens to the whole album, it is clear to me that it transcends clear defined names of genre and style. Was it an intention to create very special atmospheres and resist sterotypes of chamber jazz or folk-jazz, or soundtrack music. nevertheless, Mats, have there nevertheless been special role models in regards to the working process or maybe any inspiring touchstone in music history? i know these are two, three questions in one …

TWO – how does the part of the title that refers to REVERIES, is part of your approach to the music, and does the other part, REVELATIONS, refer to the possibility you have been surprised by the results of filing and editing as opposed to play more or less in real time with a composition at hand?

THREE – i know that no musician wants to direct the listener‘s imagination. but when finishing the album, sequencing the tracks (the ideal order), did the music remind you of certain movies?  In the  press text there is a reference to horror movies. as i as listening to it i had no specific filmic connotations – one guy‘s thrill is the other one’s peacefulness. i had the thought of it being meditative music with an element of doom or danger or darkness … somewhere in between …

LAST QUESTION – in what way may the cover be a kind of signifier or curtain raiser for the music? Let‘s ignore the owl

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Das Album wird in den JazzFacts am 12. September vorgestellt, mit Auszügen aus Mats Eiltertsens Antworten. Von ferne, reiner Zufall, erinnert das Cover ein wenig an das erste Album von Cluster & Eno. Und an einen Hauch von Magritte, etwas mehr als einen Hauch.

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