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2019 24 Jul

Brian Cox and Brian Eno on the Moon

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It was the high time of the cassettes, and every astronaut on the Apollo missions was allowed to take one cassette with him. Though one of the guys chose Berlioz‘ „Symphony Fantastique“, most of them made their compilations with a knack for earthbound country music from Merle Haggard to Johnny Cash. This is why Brian, Dan and Roger reflected that idea on their APOLLO album by a well-dosed use of pedal guitar and a flair of a psychedelic Nashville vibe, so to speak. / sounds / play …


„And that was one of the best moons songs ever, Creedence Clearwater Revival and „Bad Moon Rising“.

(Eno on BBC 6)

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  1. David Sheppard, Mojo:

    Remastered lunar mission inspired soundtrack essays, plus a disc of extra material.

    The tripartite endeavour of Brian Eno, his brother Roger, and Daniel Lanois, 1983’s Apollo owed its genesis to a soundtrack commission for Al Reinert’s moon landing documentary, For All Mankind. Several of its eerie yet mellifluous instrumentals achieved sufficient escape velocity to become key, standalone works in the Eno canon, not least the aching An Ending (Ascent), whose hymnal ambient clouds (glowingly polished here) remain a ubiquitous documentary soundtrack staple.

    The additional material is marketed as ‘new tracks’, although sonically it’s entirely of a piece with the original. Whatever their provenance, the likes of Strange Quiet, with its pretty, pointillist synths and wobbly drones, the stately crystal guitar-flecked Capsule, or the tremulous, opalescent Under The Moon, serve to deepen the original album’s strange, wonderstruck mood, seemingly hovering, like an orbiting Apollo command module, between fragile yet heroic human endeavour and overwhelming cosmic awe.

  2. Lajla Nizinski:

    And not to forget: Nancy Griffith „Just once in a very blue moon“.

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