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2019 21 Jul

„Everything merges with the night“

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… listening  now to „Apollo“ (extended edtition) on headphones …


„The LCD-3 is a time machine that puts you in the room with your favorite artists and musicians. It’s luxuriously spacious, with powerful bass, a rich and engaging midrange, and a top-end that draws you into the music. Its rich, vibrant sound has scale and authority derived from a deep, ambient soundstage with exciting detail and dynamics. The LCD-3 is said to be the best in the world and its natural timbre, especially through the midrange, has been described as a thing of beauty.“ (manafonistas uses product placement, when it comes to objects of desire)


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  1. Interaktionist:

    I‘m also listening to For all Mankind now under the stars of Northern Spain. And I‘m really surprised by the sundry sounds and textures of these new recordings. This is a completely new work with musicians that draw from a lot of experience in ambient music.

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    There are many great places to listen to this classic, and to the fantastic new album it contains, too. The most everyday places, preferably in the late or very early hours, a room with a view, a garden, a shelter, a favourite armchair – near the Russian River in Northern California, in a Peruvian wilderness, or „under the night sky of Arles“. Endless list.

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Gestern hörte ich zweimal hintereinander die CD mit den neuen Kompositionen. Wann bitte gab es das schon einmal, dass ein Trio nach 36 (!) Jahren wieder zusammenkommt, und nochmal ein neues Werk in Angriff nimmt, noch dazu eins mit dem gleichen Thema. Es gibt zwei Reaktionen darauf:

    – ja, ganz schön, aber lange nicht die Klasse des Klassikers von 1983, der auf der ersten CD zu hören ist, nostalgische Angelegenheit, nette Zugabe.

    – dem Klassiker ebenbürtig, anders, und doch im „alten spirit“.
    Grossartiges Zweitwerk.

    Nun, der nostalgische Faktor wird immer leicht zugunsten der Erstausgabe von 1983 sprechen, aber was mich, als ich mich völlig der Musik hingab, frappierte: die gleiche hohe Qualität, jedes Stück anders, jedes Stück faszinierend. FOR ALL MANKIND ist kein Abkupfern, keine Wiederholung, es ist, 36 Jahre später produziert, die perfekte zweite Hälfte eines Doppelalbums. Hätte ich so nicht für möglich gehalten.

    Also, kleines Update meiner best of Liste 2019 (so far):

    1. Bill Callahan: Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest
    2. Brian Eno w/ Daniel Lanois and Roger Eno: For All Mankind
    3. Joe Lovano: Trio Tapestry
    4. Barria / Petrella / Aarset: Lost River
    5. Aldous Harding: Designer
    6. Sunno)): Life Metal
    7. Rustin Man: Drift Code
    8. Areni Agbabian: Bloom
    9. Thom Yorke: Anima
    10. Will Burns & Hannah Peel: Chalk Hill Blue
    11. Lambchop: This (is what I said)
    12. Lee Perry: Rainford
    13. Pere Ubu: The Long Goodbye (Tendenz schwer steigend)
    14. Matmos: Plastic Anniversary
    15. Brian Harnetty: Shawnee, Ohio

    BRIAN HARNETTY has been lost in Appalachian field recordings for over 10 years. On 2007’s haunting, echoing debut American Winter, this one-time student of the composer Michael Finnissey placed cracked tales and high-flown songs from Kentucky’s Berea College sound archive alongside his own junk shop gamelan constructions of dulcimer, prepared piano, banjo and percussion.

    For this new work, Harnetty utilises the archive of Shawnee, an old mining town in Appalachian Ohio, home to his mother’s ancestors. Using the oral histories of some of its inhabitants, and attuned to the grain, rhythm and melody of their voices, Harnetty’s delicate, keening chamber folk recalls Moondog, Charles Ives, and his old mentor, Finnissey, yet retains a benevolent delicacy all of its own, gently reaching back into time and guiding these long-dead story-tellers into the light of the present day.

  4. Scott Wilson:

    LCD-3, really? I think it was all about Apollo 11. And, yes, if the original release of Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks was immediately essential, this expanded version is no less vital and significant. After all of this time and, for all three musicians, significant career successes across a range of genres and styles, the fact that the sonic aesthetics of the first album can be so powerfully continued in the new material proves how well-crafted and realized the first release was.

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