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2019 12 Mai

My strange collection of 12 reggae masterpieces

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In the years leading up to the Black Ark studio fire, Perry’s behaviour became more noticeably erratic, and much of his late ’70s output reflects this. Psychedelic dub freakouts, the aforementioned gibberish chatting, and on this wonderful occasion, a cow, or more likely, Perry doing an impression of a cow. This is the man at his most curious, most playful, and quite possibly most stoned. Keith “Daddy Kool” Stone once told me he was drawn to dub and roots because he came from a psych-rock background, so the mix of strong rum, good weed and heavy FX-drenched bass appealed instantly, and though I’m one of those annoying t-total types, listening to this record, I can hear exactly what he meant.“


1) Lee Perry: Roast Fish, Collie Weed & Corn Bread 2) Dadawah: Peace and Love 3) Midnite: Ras Mek Peace 3) Linton Kwesi Johnson: Bass Culture 4) Mabrak: Drum Talk 5) Count Ossie and The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari: Tales of Mozambique 6) Rhythm & Sound w/ Tikiman: Showcase 7) Aswad: Hulet 8) Bobby Kalphat: Zion Hill 9) Michael Ras and the Sons of Negus: None A Jah Jah Children 10) Lee Perry: Rainford 11) Burning Spear: Garvey’s Ghost 12) Bob Marley: Catch A Fire (Original Jamaican Mix)


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