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2019 3 Mrz

May 9th

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May 9th


That type of afternoon slack

held because of drink

in light like glass

bottles, discoloured windows or the sun.

I had already lost keys,

a phone and most of my money

when someone asked, How was the grass?

I wanted to stay flagstone-cool the whole time,

furtive among the dewed lawns

and slick beds of my home county.

The buildings here in imitation

of the land, safe houses,

and here in anticipation of weather,

and here in regard for the sick.

Another round comes round.

Pale ale for me—pale and unshaven.

There is a common good

here after last night

though it has been too hard won.


written by Will Burns


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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    One of our albums of April:

    Chalk Hill Blues, by Will Burns and Hannah Peel

  2. Gregor:

    Endlich hatte ich am Wochenende die Gelegenheit die Platte von Will Burns und Hannah Peel zu hören: absolut großartig, muss in die Jahres-Top-Twenty!

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