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2019 28 Jan

Timeless Roadhouse Scene

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Writing about the orgin of Robert Ashley‘s classic „Private Parts“, fellow composer Alvin Lucier tells of a night drive through Ohio with Ashley, his account hinting at the dreamy infinity contained in the album. Stopping at a roadhouse, they came upon a group. “There was a row of men and women sitting at the bar talking to each other very seriously. It seemed to me that none of the occupants was married because they were having such interesting conversations … When we stopped at the same roadhouse on our way back, the scene was exactly the same. Here were these lives going on and on. It felt timeless. 

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  1. Martina Weber:

    Robert Ashley´s „Private Parts“ is amazing, I´ve just listened to it. It´s a record, it is no record, as it is said in the text. In a way it reminds me of Sun Kil Moon´s „Common as Light and Love are red Valleys of Blood“, cause of the stories, seeming endless, dream logic like. I love that kind of stuff. Thx.

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Great background story here, from today …

  3. Martina Weber:


    „Private Parts is built on emptiness. It is startling just how riveting that emptiness can be.“ It reminds me of what Jon Hassell said in an interview with you, something like this: „Es geht um das, was um dich herum ist, wenn du aufwachst.“ Der Geist in der Autowaschanlage.

    Great stuff. I ordered the album.

  4. Michael Engelbrecht:

    You ordered the album, for 75 Dollars?????
    It is a rarity, extremely expensive.

    It is from Lovely Music, like Hassell‘s Vernal Equinox.

    Only on Youtube it is for free.

  5. Martina Weber:

    I listened to it on Youtube for free, and I bought it for 10,30 Euros plus 3 Euros for package & shipping. The cover is different, but the artist´s and the record´s name are correct. I love it to have that kind of records in my collection. There are some more left in stock, for much less than 75 bucks.

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