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2018 30 Dez

It has happened again

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It has happened before. It happened when I got the most beautiful Christmas gift in days of still being a virgin: Joni Mitchell‘s Blue, and The Allman Brothers Band Live At Fillmore East. I lost my virginity soon. It happened when I had been with friends, on a long gone December morning of my youth, and someone put on Tago Mago. Oh, Hallelujah! It happened when I listened (the first time) to the White Album, or Return To Forever (nothing as good as the first one), or to the greatest part of the first three hundred ECM albums. It happened when I listened to After The Goldrush (my entry code to the world of Neil Young, in Paignton), Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy), and, later, to More Songs About Buildings And Food, On Land and Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express. It definitely happened when I listened to Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock. Time running backwards and forwards, nevermind. It happened when I listened to Rock Bottom and Mahler’s Symphony No. 5. Always love at first sight. Building a home in the wind. And now it has happened again, listening to Rustin Man‘s forthcoming album Drift Code. Probably my album of 2019.


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