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2018 12 Dez

Lost in T-Space 2018

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It all started with some older shows. I didn‘t believe the old Western genre still had too many fires to open till I had seen the seven episodes of Godless. The final season of The Leftovers still lingers on in all its surreal glory. Many critics said the crime and court drama series Seven Seconds would be a slow shot and way too long, but I strongly disagree. And, David Lynch’s Twin Peaks: The Return is the most radical way of undermining nostalgia and well-trodden paths of mythology. Depending on your free time schedule, your dreams of traveling, dancing and making love in the coldest season, it‘s always a pleasure to dive, in between, into some of the best things this year has delivered on TV in ways of deep thrills, catharsis and widening horizons.



  1. Sharp Objects (season 1)
  2. The Americans (season 6)
  3. Succession (season 1)
  4. The Deuce (season 1 & 2)
  5. The Sinner (season 2)
  6. Killing Eve (season 1)
  7. Bodyguard (season 1)
  8. Unforgettable (season 3)
  9. Homeland (season 7)
  10. Shetland (season 4)
  11. The Affair (season 4)
  12. The Haunting of Hill House (season 1)

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