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2018 5 Dez

Babylon Berlin

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By the way, during the recent couple of days I’ve read Volker Kutscher’s novel „Babylon Berlin“ (German title: „Der nasse Fisch“) that became the template for the TV series. A good read! But the more I got through the book, the more the TV adaptation got ridiculous. It’s really unbelievable how the TV series violently deformes the original characters and stuffs dramaturgical nonsense and all kinds of clichés into the plot until it squeaks, just to get what the makers seem to think is „Berlin in the Twenties“. The novel is a bit sluggish at times, but much better than the series, seriously. It’s annoying.


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  1. ijb:

    I’m pleased that in this (at least in this country) almost endless cheering of this series someone finally notices that.

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