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2018 27 Okt

The solution for „The Unknown“

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It is always a problem when people think something CANNOT be. So you see something strange and erratic and surreal, and you immediately tend to think in terms of „horror movie“ or „animation“ or both, but then again, it SIMPLY is reality, „aquatic reality“. You just didn‘t know. Kein virtuoses Zeichenfrickfilmstudio hatte seine Hände im Spiel. Visually, THE DEEP, an episode of David Attenborough’s 2017 series BLUE PLANET 2, is a wonder and a feast of gorgeous images. And, well, sometimes it‘s hard to BELIEVE what you see (even if you know). In this case the solution is the jellyfish, the fish with the jelly-filled head and the red squid. You can SEE his shining brain, so to speak. I think the soundtrack is by Hans Zimmer.


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  1. Jan:

    Die Reihe habe ich nicht gesehen. „Unter Wasser“ war mein erstes Bauchgefühl. Man soll dem doch trauen. Aber unter Wasser leben so seltsame Wesen, dass man sie schon kennen muss, um sie zu erkennen.

  2. Rosato:

    Oh, ist der Oktober jetzt, seit 2 Minuten vorüber?

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Yep. Too much time traveling :)

  4. Michael Engelbrecht:

    On THE DEEP:

    All the episodes are astonishing in their own way, but the second one is beyond imagination. If someone would have told me „this is a movie made in Computer Graphics“ i would believe him. It’s just incredible. What they show and how they show it makes it a unique experience. I’ve never seen anything like this before (and i’m a biologist).

    (Reviewer‘s text)

  5. Martina Weber:

    The snowflake-like figure really doesn’t look like a jellyfish.

  6. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Unbelievable, but true.

  7. Martina Weber:

    Putting „The Unknown“ in quotation marks was confusing.

  8. Brian Whistler:

    Putting it on the blurays to own list

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