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2018 30 Aug

Die Fünf Jahrzehnte

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2010 – 2019


first half:

anouar brahem souvenance

jakob bro

oton jon bang

paul bley

second half:

jon balke: siwan


steve tibbetts: life of


areni agbabian: bloom


björn meyer: provenance

„Life Of“ is an album that despite the relatively infrequent music making of Steve Tibbetts is well worth the wait for long time fans. For those just entering his singular sound world, it’s an appealing gateway– with the ECM catalog now on Spotify, listeners can check out his previous work with ease. For audiophiles, this album is a treat as Tibbetts mixed the album in the concert hall in Macalester College near his Minnesota home by placing 2 sets of microphones in the hall during playback to capture the rich ambiance. With one set in the center of the hall and one in the rear, it really captures a sonically rich and broad domain. Tibbetts’ guitar tone with its massive depth, fretboard squeaks and fretless like character are enough to captivate the listener for the entire duration of the album along with its meditative mood.

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