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2018 29 Aug

33 parade 2022 (No. 33): The Mountain Goats

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The whole album, „Bleed It Out“, is about the menchanisms of revenge. Shakespearean stuff, so to speak. The lyrics contain a lot of subtleties, double meanings, challenging verses. The music, according to the main topic, is more hard-rock-edged and straight forward than earlier masterpieces like „Goths“, „Dark I  Here“, or „Sunset Tree“.  John Darnielle had been inspired by action movies, mainly from the 70’s and 80‘s. And, god gracious, I followed his kind advice to dive into the two „Mezrine“ movies by Vincent Cassel. „Heart stoppingly exciting“. It is an old prejudice of „posh academics“ that action movies are  only there to thrill, and have no depth. Listen to this album, and the abyss looks straight into your face! And, aside from that, you‘ll spend some quality time with some shivers running down the spine.

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