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2018 30 Jul

Once in a very red moon

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Dear Heathcliff,


sorry to say, that I have first of all sad news: Tomasz Stanko is dead. I know how much you like his trumpet sound. May I soothe your polish heart with a calm and peaceful melody of Paul Motion Broadway Vol.5. ? Listen to it, his music will bring you comfort.

I just heard the news on the radio. They mentioned that Ellis Bell was born 200 years ago. Do you remember our hike through Wales, where we were talking about Bonnie Tyler, who lives there? When the whole world was starring at the red moon, I was humming her song Total Eclipse of the Heart … you’re love is like a shadow on me all the time … Did you know that this song is based on the bitter love story: Wuthering Heights?

„Wuthering“ being a significant provincial adjective, descriptive of the atmospheric tumult to which its station is exposed in stormy weather …“

After Michelmas I plan to go to Haworth in the moores of West Yorkshire. I am looking forward to visit that inspiring place. I’ll send you some transcendent love lines from there.


Tikia, Nelly

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