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2018 27 Jul

In the early morning hours

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<span style="color: #bda182;">Stadtwald Eilenriede, Nähe Kirchröder Turm</span>


To be honest, the picture above was taken round noon. Sherlock Holmes would have noticed this within milliseconds: the short shadowing would have aroused the suspicion of that psychopathic genius immediately. But the tour started early in the morning and was not finished in the high plateaus of Lower Saxony as usual, but in the rarely visited Hannover city forest, which guaranteed a feel-good atmosphere even at felt 36° Celsius. One can drive and drift around there for hours, in the middle of a city, with the sense of searching for silence as a compass. What a photo does not show indeed is the noisy soundscape mostly found in urbanic regions. The title of this posting belongs to one of many song lines permanently buzzing round my head during an ordinary bikeride. Remembering a backward posting on Manafonistas, it´s origin soon became clear. The trail led to Darrell Scott, whom I know from the brilliant TV series Justified, set in the area of Kentucky. There the american singer gave an acoustic warning shut to the reckless listener: You´ll never leave Harlan alive. Opposite to that I assure that the town of Hannover is completely save, so one may joyfully join in with Darrell praising „the early morning hours“ – even if anxious and guilt-ridden inner voices are moarning with the common choir that „Thou shalt not praise the day before the evening dawn“.


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  1. Jochen:

    … der Gregor wird das Plätzchen kennen :)

  2. Gregor:

    Natürlich kenne ich das. Heimweh.

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Ich liebe solche Ecken.

    Es gibt sie, die geheimen öffentlichen Orte von Heimat, in jeder Stadt, für jeden, der gern mal ein paar Gänge runterschaltet.

  4. Hans-Dieter Klinger:

    An der Steinach bei Marktgraitz – nahe der Mündung in den Amazonas


  5. Jochen:

    Be careful of Piranhas!

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