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2018 15 Jul

„That‘s me on guitar …“

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„That’s me on guitar, Steve Howe-style

I’m in the seventh grade, listening to The Yes Album

I love you, Steve Howe, you inspired me

Like how hopefully I’ll inspire others

I got a Gibson ES-175 Sunburst just like yours, down to the very year

Actually that’s not true, it’s a ’66, I wish it was a ’64

One day, I hope it will be hanging in the Mark Kozelek Museum

And maybe that crystal that I took from Jim Morrisson’s chandelier

Maybe postcards sent to my father from around the globe

I just gotta find a spot near my home

Or my other homes far away from home

Maybe Sweden, cause I believe I lived there in another life

Maybe further up northern California

Because my happiest memories were fishing up the coast

Maybe my birthplace, Massillon, Ohio, because that’s where it all began

I don’t know, but my guess is right here in San Francisco

If my legacy can afford it“


(excerpt from the lyrics of „The Mark Kozelek Museum“,

taken from the double album „Mark Kozelek“ by Mark Kozelek)


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