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2018 5 Jul

„Beiläufig Sein einfangen ohne Denkerstirn“

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„Frank O’Hara’s poems are exuberant, enthusiastic lists of experiences, feelings, objects and people, with subjects as simple as picking up a new watchband or reading a movie magazine. Often addressed to friends, O’Hara’s poems speak to the reader as an intimate, dropping names and places the way you do with someone you’ve known forever. These poems, dashed off during free moments on scrap paper, typed on store display typewriters, or improvised in personal letters, usually ended up stuffed away in a drawer or even lost in sofa cushions. O’Hara’s books were often composed of whatever he could scrape together digging through his apartment. But their deliriously excited voice captures a poet in love with life, with things, and most of all with people, and their warmth and personality have ensured that, even if he dismissed or forgot his poems, no one who reads them ever will.“


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  1. Charles B.:

    Yes! For O’Hara a poem was most of all a performance, the declaration of a moment, rather than a display of craft or control. Looking to Whitman, Mayakovsky and Benjamin Péret he expressed a flamboyant disregard for the built resonances of le mot juste, the traditional sanctities of versification. He wanted something closer to the idea of spontaneity and wildness, to a kind of camp version of the sublime – „the wilderness wish / of wanting to be everything to everybody everywhere“. And regardless of emphasis, it’s always this sense of boundless potential, of excitement, of irrepressible restlessness, that dominates O’Hara’s poetry; the extraordinary immediacy of a voice that seems clearer now than ever before.“

  2. MHQ: / 50-todestag-von-frank-o-hara …

  3. Martina Weber:

    Yep, O´Hara seemed to be able to make a poem out of nothing, every single day. The bingewatchers of us remember Mad Man Don Draper sitting at a bar and reading „Meditations in an emergency“. Ah no, wrong picture. There was a man sitting next to Don Draper reading this book and Don asked him about the book. And later he read it.

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