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2018 27 Mai


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I do miss our man from Scotland’s „fucking genius“ quote. He would probably use it for RAINFORD. And if he doesn‘t, I do it. As old Reggae connoisseur Lloyd Bradley puts it:


One of Sherwood’s big strengths is that he has always seen the whole spectrum of reggae sub-styles: here he varies what’s on offer, meaning that Lee Perry’s tunes come across as sprightly as his trains of thought: Let It Rain’s string section; the restrained 21st-century roots Children of the Light; Makumba Rock’s dubstep stylings; African Starship, wreathed in Wareika Hills’ ganja smoke. Most importantly, Sherwood never forgets his duty of care to the audience – to make them groove, not just stand back in amazement at how bonkers the whole thing is.“



What puts Rainford so far above recent outings is how disciplined it is. Sherwood isn’t scared, in classically democratic dub style, to make Perry’s vocals one more part of the mix, not the obvious star of the show. It allows for the expected stream-of-consciousness and apparently random subject-matter to holistically merge with the production, softening what can grate over an entire album. Most significantly, it means Perry’s well-trodden themes of vampirism, capitalism, Catholicism (“I kick the Pope in his arse”), judgment, retribution and his multiple identities all put in appearances, but in these circumstances forsake the same old disembodied ranting for dub-wise logic. This remarkable return to form has Lee Perry making sense, relatively speaking.“

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1 Comment

  1. Uli Koch:


    Solche Musik entsteht meist dann, wenn man keinem mehr etwas beweisen muss und auch mit 83 immer noch unbändigen Spaß an dem Job seines Lebens hat. Anarchisch, witzig, reflektierend und komplett abgehoben („Cricket on the Moon“), mal brüllend, quiekend und schreiend und dann mal so aufgeräumt wie noch nie. Ein ewiger Spaßvogel des Unberechenbaren, den man am Ende nur ernst nehmen kann.

    „Ever look forward, never look backwards“ says the Dubnosaurus.

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