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2018 23 Mai

„As Good As New“

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„It may not be their gloomiest album (that would be the disco Ingmar Bergmans’ melancholic swansong, The Visitors); but Voulez-Vous is surely, beneath its mirror-ball glitz, the bleakest, a catalogue of empty trysts, seedy nightlife and emotional manipulation. Thus its opening number is something of a bait and switch – like reversed film footage of a building demolition, it turns around the more familiar ABBA story of what felt like real love crumbling into disaster. For once all that brightness and breeziness is borne out in the lyric: I was dreadful, but now I’m better, and I know the value of true love.“

(D.B., from The Quietus‘s retrospective on quite special ABBA songs, a band that has been so much more than a singles band)

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1 Comment

  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Maybe we can insert the official ABBA video of „As Good As New“

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