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2018 4 Mai

Just Thrilled!

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Seeing that brilliant neo noir movie on DVD, The Last Seduction (1993), with Linda Fiorentina and Bull Pullman. About thirty actresses turned down the offer to play that female sociopath. Reading the last chapters now from that fantastic thriller by Laura Lippman, Sunburn – second femme fatale in a row. Totally deserved its high ranking in the third edition of the Mana Thrill Factory Prize. Writing of the highest order: „I’d like to get to know you. Sing it, Spanky. Sing it. Polly’s eyes are closed, her head on his shoulder. They dip and swoon through the restaurant. And when the song ends and the jukebox is silent, they stand there a long time, swaying to the songs in their heads.“ Reading, parallel, the book of Gaito Gasdanow, living in exile in old (very old) Paris, and writing about his life as taxi driver, now finally out in Germany, „Nächtliche Wege“. Lots of pimps and whores, god seekers, lost lovers. Hypnotic reading. Good job, Hanser Verlag. And finally, never ever finally, I will be, from now on (and additionally) thrilled and absorbed by Brian Eno‘s „Music for Installations“ (DIVE IN UNRESERVEDLY!).


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