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2018 24 Apr

„Lee Perry‘s Lesson in Dub“

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– Your antics in Black Ark Studio became legendary: blowing smoke on the microphone, lighting fires, rubbing the tape head. Do these rituals work?

– Cliff Richard?


– Ah. Everything I do in the studio is rich. Everything me beliveve in, it works. The reality is all that craziness, all that madness, I made it work, because it‘s nature, it‘s natural grace. In nature we have the big space overhead, the big sky, the orbit. Nature is crazy! I want my records to sound as crazy as nature. You see the bass? The part that the bass play in dub – boom boom boom, that mean the bass poop, right? The drum is the heartbeat – boof-boof boof-boof, and the bass is the brain cells. This song is the beat of your heart and your gut. That‘s dub, that‘s how it works.“


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