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2018 8 Apr

A knock at the door

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Dear friends,


they offered this opportunity, and I agreed. It‘s the infamous „wooden cabin“, known (in general and all its mythical dimensions), as a place for singers and songwriters in recluse, for people reading Thoreau, lovers’ retreat, or just taking a break from mobile phones. This cabin is placed on the island of Amrum, close to a forest – and a place that once offered shelter for the first German Kinks fanclub. From old days on, I stayed in contact with those nice guys, and now they invited me for a freewheelin‘ visit that will end the day before my live show on April 21st. Quiet days, no web, no photos, just listening to the waves and the music, walking, eating fish, writing some lines for my campfire radio night in the long hours before the record store day will open its doors. It‘s quite a pile of records I have transported here. Arriving at night, the first thing I have been listening to is the „Standards Vol. IV“ album from The National Jazz Trio of Scotland. No jazz, no standards, but sublime songs with a nod to the spirit of Young Marble Giants. Oh, a knock at the door. Hope you will join the „Klanghorizonte“!


Best, Michael

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