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2018 6 Apr

Hot contenders for our „Albums of May & June“

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Matmos / These New Puritans / David Torn / The Comet Is Coming  / Stale Storlokken / Sokratis Sinopoulos Quartet / Brian Harnetty ** / Aldous Harding // Bang / Aarset / Honoré / Rohrer // Stephan Micus / Areni Agbabian / Fire! Orchestra / The Leisure Society / Erlend Apneseth Trio w/ Frode Haltli / Maria Farantouri / Michele Rabbia – Gianluca Petrella – Eivind Aarset / Tim Hecker ***






* „Sound goes round. Enter tribal drums and gritty alto saxophone. Drums add a modern swing touch soon, eletcric guitar in glooming mode, no fireworks in the opening minutes, more the clearing of a field. A jungle feel is established, life on all niches and corners. Call it swirling around. The alto goes for a long ride, not the leader of the pack, just a primoridal voice, a textural thing in the wilderness. You‘re inside, the big groove thing comes in before the first twelve minutes, turbulence code red. The guitar is changing dialects, the lion doesn‘t sleep tonight. Fair warning. Beautiful textural shifts. This  first of three tracks, „Eye Meddle“, comes from the album „Sun Of Goldfinger“. The main cast: David Torn, Tim Berne, Ches Smith.“ (m.e.)


** Brian Harnetty‘s forthcoming album (April 26) is an intruiging blend of archive recordings and, well, melancholic chamber-folk recordings feat. Paul de Jong (The Books). A fantastic edition in pocket book format, with introductory essay, sources, dialogues etc. – an exquisite journey through time!


*** „That World“


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