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2018 2 Apr

Rock me, baby, please!

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This is not the year of yearning, this is the year of remembering years of yearning, remembering the absolute impatience of waiting for the day the probably beloved record will arrive by a handsome postman, run on high rotation in your living room, accompany evenings alone and nights spent together. These years of paradise lost will be THE topic of our next, highly controversial, edition of YOU CANNOT MEASURE THESE SOUNDS. And, in case, someone wants to prove me wrong: no, I have not fallen in love with the new Kathey Musgrave album nearly every critic seems to embrace with arms and ears. No, it is only a nice album. Nothing that rocks me. My favourite albums (with the small exception of Fire!, okay) of 2018 (so far) have a common theme: the point of SAMSARA, dissolving in air and space. Verging into nothingness, a lecture in Zen for Western ears. Wonderful albums, but nothing that ROCKS me. So, come on, ROCK me, baby, please! [Examples for „rockin‘ lifers“: Low, Marquee Moon, White Album, Apocalypse, Nerve Net, Cuckooland, Thick As A Brick, Something Else, Discipline, Bish Bosch, Fear of Music, Chairs Missing, Desire, After The Goldrush, Exodus, Spirit of Eden, Big Science, Third, Let England Shake, To Be Kind, Divers]

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