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2018 4 Mrz

On returnings and full glasses (part two)

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I always wanted to read the Tristram Shandy novel, a most certainly wonderful work of diversion and inventiveness. In the time I started it, already two, three chapters into a very bibliophile edition, I was desparately trapped by an ‚amour fou‘, so I gave it away, as a birthday present, to a wonderful woman I‘ve sadly lost on my zigzagging ways due to a lack of ‚Achtsamkeit‘. A book that surely belongs to the category of „opening our gates of perception“. Like Julio Cortazar‘s „Rayuela“, like John D. MacDonald‘s „Abschied in Dunkelblau“. (Oh, I can very well live without Peter Handke‘s flow of words, but to miss a great story with a dog, is hard to stand.)

Or, in the world of movies, Dennis Villeneuve‘s „Blade Runner 2049“. Last year, I saw this masterpiece on a big screen in Manchester, and I have been still endlessly thrilled by watching it again, yesterday, in my „Electric Cinema“. (In contrast, the gay love story of the highly praised „Call Me By Your Name“ is totally boring, imo). In fact, this is a movie that belongs to the rare class of like-minded surrealism of „Pan‘s Lanyrinth“ or „Mulholland Drive“. Revisiting the latest incarnation of „Blade Runner“, I was, strange enough, reminded of an incident of my own life:


A brown-cheeked Amazon named Bess

with wings spread is sitting on an old tree trunk,

clearly enjoying the warm tropical rain.

My first words: „I want to love you till the morning comes“.

I’m the lucky one, she‘s painting my  face with saliva.


I divert. It took some time to realize that Hans Zimmer has written, at least co-composed, the soundtrack, and though I think he is smart, decent and slightly overrated, this is the first of his soundtracks that really kicks me. Maybe because of his companion, or some old Vangelis-fuelled inspiration:) Similar to the awesome return of „Twin Peaks“, it makes much more sense to watch and hopefully get lost in these moving pictures, if you have seen the first movie by Ridley Scott, respectively the first two seasons of Lynch‘s game-changer of TV history.

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  1. Gregor:

    Ein Jammer, dass du Tristram Shandy von Laurence Sterne nicht bis zum Schluss gelesen hast. Richtig gutes Buch!!

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Das ist weit oben auf der Liste des Nachzuholenden.

    Gregs, die JazzFacts am Donnerstag solltest du auf keinen Fall versäumen!!!

    Hast du eigentich einen Wälzer der Weltliteratur n i c h t gelesen!? :):)

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    More and more, I prefer to mix certain reviews with fictional elements, and turn into surreal story-telling mode when description and accuracy are the simple way of delivery.

    It is so much more fun.

    „Bess From The Amazons“ is the title of a not yet fully realized translation of a book of lyrics by Marc Surmont, poet from Nice.

  4. Brian whistler:

    I enjoy your surreal mix of review, fiction, poetic description and slices of life you weave into your posts. I too find myself bored with writing straight reviews. I still do it on occasion, but it’s not my true voice. I like to tell stories in which music plays a key role.

    As far as Bladerunner 2049, I think it will eventually be looked upon as the masterpiece it is. I’m gonna have to buy the Bluray, as I’ve only see. It once in glorious IMAX.

  5. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Well, that sounds great.

    Not surreal, more real and hopefully not less seductive, my Jazz magazine on air this Thursday evening.

    It‘s nearly all ECM related. Two interviews with Arild Andersen, Norma Winstone, all the recent and soon to be released ECM stuff including a hot contender for a five star album by Jakob Bro.

    So it‘s a version of „Being John Kelman“:)

    And it will be posted here.

  6. Brian whistler:

    Hyper real? Looking forwards to your latest show, Sounds right up my alley.

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