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2018 26 Jan

la piscine

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Es fasziniert mich, wenn durch Musik ein Raumgefühl entsteht, das Gefühl für einen Raum im weiteren Sinn, einer Landschaft oder auch für eine Szenerie mit unerwarteten Wirkungen (Lügen?), ein magischer Ort. Ein Schwimmbad an einem Sommertag, Kinder toben herum. Disconnected? In la piscine, track no. 8 aus dem Album mit dem wundervollen Titel m.=addiction, wird den Geräuschen, die auch von einem Schulhof stammen könnten, die ruhige melancholische Melodie eines Saxophons oder einer Klarinette entgegengesetzt, und am offenen Fenster sitzt jemand am Klavier und streut beiläufig ab und an einen Ton bei. The e-song, outside? Sprechen, als spräche ich nur vor mich hin (sonne free).


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  1. Brian Whistler:

    Which album is this, „Addiction“? And by which artists?

  2. Martina Weber:

    The album´s title: „m.=addiction“. It´s by Dictaphone. You can listen to „la piscine“ via this link

    If you like that kind of music, I´d also highly recommend the album „APR 70“, also by dictaphone, which was just released before last christmas. „A perfect cocoon for the hazy days and the serene nights. A new incarnation, maybe even definition, of purity.“ (This is how they described it on an album´s adhesive label)

    Oh, and just now I´m listening to one of the Pan American records: Renzo. You get a feeling for space there, too.

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Dictaphone‘s recent one will be played in my next radio night. Here the plan of the first two hours, without guarantees :)


    Xylouris White / Shit and Shine

    Norma Winstone / Norma Winstone

    Roger Eno / Roger Eno

    Andy Sheppard / Andy Sheppard

    Fire! / Tocotronic (Die Unendlichkeit)



    Nils Frahm / Laurie Anderson with Kronos Quartet

    Nicolas Masson / Dictaphone / Shinya Fukumori

    Elephant6 / Kim Myhr

  4. Serge:

    Dictaphone is very special.

    A few years ago, someone on a dark jazz forum posted a question: „does Dictaphone have anything to do with Dale Cooper Quartet and the Dictaphones?“ The answer was a resounding „no“, despite the name similarity. For starters, Dictaphone is German while their colleagues hail from France. Yet, people understood the confusion. Both acts roam in the world of dark jazz, a genre with few active bands. To make the confusion even more apparent, both bands now have releases on the same label too. After five years of silence, Dictaphone returns on Denovali with a brand new – and tremendously enjoyable – new album.

    Although the music on ‚APR 70‘ is slow and gloomy jazz, Dictaphone differs from their colleagues. The music is not as dark and doomed-out as Bohren, not as experimental and drone inspired as Dale Cooper, not as easy digestible as Radare and not as long winded as The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble. Instead, this seems to nudge more towards the darker works of Miles Davis, combined with a decent sense of electronic experimentation.

    The three Dictaphone core members (Oliver Doerell (electronics, bass, guitar), Roger Döring (saxophone, clarinet) and Alex Stolze (violins)) have been working on this album for three years, which compared with their two decades of existence is not that long. It consists of nine tracks, nine slowly meandering rivers of jazz, electronica and ambient. In fact, the song ‚Stanko‘ can somehow be compared to ‚Die Moldau‘ by Smetana, being an equally narrative and flowing piece of music.

    Of course, there is only a tiny gap between jazz and classical music, so it’s rather easy to make this comparison. Yet, it also says a lot about the overall quality of this album. From the moment ‚Opening Night‘ started, the mood was set for a hazy yet adventurous listening experience. Somehow, this music demands your attention and when it has it, it never lets you down. ‚Lofi Opium‘ is a second highlight, and ‚Sceance‘ is simply breathtaking.

    In all, this is a beautiful jazz album, one that definitely earns a spot in your collection. There is more good news too, as Denovali are about to re release Dictaphone’s previous albums. Some of them have been limited until now, so soon the world be able to enjoy the murky jazz splendour of Dictaphone, and that is a good thing. Hope Michael will give them a real special hour later this year. They are SO good.

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