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2017 20 Dez

Chronik der Ohrwürmer (1)

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Finally I found my serial topic: the other side of the jukeboxes, the discreet one, are the undisclosed blacklists of penetrating earworms. But thanks to all whistleblowers this calls for a change. Thinblooded, bravehearted, playfull and vitamin-doped as everybody knows me I start publishing Number One of the infamous bastards. This song is haunting me for weeks now at every turn – but can´t help: I like it. Sign of a Midlake crisis?


„The Old & the Young“


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1 Kommentar

  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    May I add this one …

    I call it an oldie from our times, an instant heartbreaker!

    Interesting, I rediscovered this song and the whole album, LOVE AND HATE, because part of it – the sung passages of the second half – are the title melody of this little big series BIG LITTLE LIES

    The series moves from Desparate Housewives to Whodunnit to Euripides, seamless …

    David E, Kelley has made another masterpiece, and the director, chapeau!

    No overstatement here, six Emmys and four Manas cannot lie :)

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