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2017 15 Dez

Twin Peaks 3 – seduction

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„Twin Peaks: The Return might not have been the best TV series of 2017 (according to this poll, at least). Then again, it might not be a TV series at all. Earlier this month, Sight and Sound’s critics’ poll of the finest films of 2017 put David Lynch’s drama at No 2, ahead of Call Me By Your Name, The Florida Project and Dunkirk. The decision prompted howls of rage from snooty cineastes – but it was also quite fitting. Twin Peaks wasn’t interested in being constrained by categories and boxes; it could be anything you wanted it to be.

Still, The Return made most other TV series look small by comparison. It was smarter than most shows, funnier, stranger (obviously), sadder, more terrifying and – during a five-minute scene of a man sweeping a bar-room floor – more boring than most shows. It contained multitudes … and Michael Cera doing a Marlon Brando impression. It was pure televisual maximalism.“

(Gwylim Mumford, no. 3 of 2017´s TV series in The Guardian)

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