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2017 29 Nov

The Stamp Thing

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Yesterday at the post office.

Me: Please, could you give me ten global stamps?

Lady behind the counter: Do you eat deer meat?

Me: Sorry, I didn’t understand …?

Lady behind the counter: Deer meat. Do you eat that?

Me: Deer meat? No. Do you have some leftovers you want to get rid of, or why do you ask?

Lady behind the counter: Where do you come from? Are you from England?

Me: No, I’m from Hamburg, Germany.

Lady behind the counter: You have an English accent.

Me: That’s fine. I need ten global stamps. Do you sell them here?

Lady behind the counter (to her colleage at the next counter): Do you have global stamps left?

Lady behind the next counter (rummages around a while and finally finds some. Hands them over.)

Lady behind the counter: Elevenfifty. Thanks. Have a great day!

Me: Same to you, thanks.

Must be American humor.

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  1. Rosato:


    Where is this crazy post office?

  2. ijb:

    Hahaha! I have to send this to my friend Christy in Pittsburgh. He’ll surely be able to find an explanation for that!

  3. Martina Weber:

    I´d like to take a guess, with my bingewatch-experience in the back of my mind.

    In the US, often deer-accidents do happen (e.g. see The Leftovers & The Affair) and maybe in the lady´s view the fact that someone eats deer meat is kind of a sign for a real American.

  4. ijb:

    Yes, my friend Christy gave a similar explanation:

    I think she eats venison, and wants to know if British (or whatever) people do too? Pittsburgh’s funny, a lot of people in the city have lead poisoning, or at least behave as if they do.

    I hit a big deer in Northern Kansas, too, this year. It was in the middle of nowhere, 300 miles from the next rental car station (which was Denver airport). I was so lucky the car was still able to drive on. There are really a lot of them in those regions, probably more than humans. A Kansan highway trooper had warned me of deer before I went on that road, actually. And the woman at the rental company said it happens a lot and that I was lucky, as she has seen worse incidents. Later on, I also learned how you should react: Turn off the headlights and do not hit the breaks (as the animal might be thrown onto your windshield if you hit the breaks).

    I din’t think about eating the poor thing, though.

    I normally don’t eat meat (haven’t done so for 26 years), but I would actually eat deer once in five years or so. Norwegian reindeer … last week I bought some.

  5. Martina Weber:

    Ein französischer Lyriker erzählte mir im printemps poetique, er sei eines Nachts mit seiner Freundin im Auto unterwegs nach Paris gewesen und sie hätten eine Strecke jenseits der péage gewählt. Plötzlich sprang ein Hirsch auf die Straße, er war verwirrt und rannte direkt und frontal in die Windschutzscheibe hinein und wie ein Wunder waren die beiden fast unverletzt geblieben. Das Geweih des Hirsches steckte in der Scheibe fest. Ein anderer Autofahrer tötete den Hirsch, soweit ich mit da richtig erinnerte. Jedenfalls fragte der andere Autofahrer, ob er den Hirsch mitnehmen könne… In den Gedichten des französischen Lyrikers tauchte fortan immer wieder ein Hirsch auf. Er ist nie wieder nachts auf Landstraßen nach Paris gefahren, er benutzt seither die Autobahn.

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