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2017 27 Nov

Four first class movies from 2015 that still stand the test of time

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No doubt, a lot of films are spriraling down after catching you at first with clever trickery. Even so called „art films“ often give away their secrets all too quickly. I’ve not seen a lot of movies in 2015 that stayed in my mind, but these films still make a difference. Some of them I saw again and again, and I‘m grateful to have my infamous „electric cinema“ and can see them on a big screen with excellent surround sound.


THE DUKE OF BURGUNDY is one of them. Erotic Cinema still has something to offer, and here we are, in the territory of seduction, devotion and surrender. There is a lot of darkness to dwell in, literally, dimly lit spaces that add to the spell of desire. Immersive. A MOST VIOLENT YEAR is another example for a „genre movie“ that transcends its rules and history. Far away from being a rip-off of film noir classics from the 70’s, it’s a masterpiece in reduction. You have to think a lot to nail down a „gangster drama“ with a similar amount of non-action. But it never leaves me off the hook, and, en passant, contains – surprise! – one of the most captivating „hunting scenes“ in modern film stories. EX MACHINA is Science Fiction of highest order, a chamber piece placed in a high-tech laboratory surrounded by wild nature. Here, too, „action“ is a foreign word; everything relies on camera, dialogue, soundtrack and sudden twists of perception. In one of its (instant) classic moments, you get a perfect example of how to transport a 70’s disco song into a scenario of controlled madness. Apart from that, Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury composed a soundtrack with sending-shivers-down-the-spine qualities. Another kind of creepiness: IT FOLLOWS can be labelled „horror movie“, but that is misleading, too. Situated in the decaying outskirts of Detroit, this film only uses some of the genre’s old motives to explore teenage angst, friendship and love in a world that mixes time zones in the most peculiar ways. A richly textured „edge-of-the-seat-experience“ with Dostojevski’s „The Idiot“ revealing a striking sub-text at the end … (all films on BLU RAY and DVD).

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