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2017 23 Nov

Stop! L‘horizon (1983)

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„Saturday morning, nine o’clock as I reach the studio.

No one here.

I only turn on the spotlights as the fluorescent tubes are too noisy. I switch the power on, shut the door, unplug the telephone. I then switch the mixing desk on, which sends an electronic impulse into the amps. The four speakers react individually with a very brief and low hiss. A kind of presence.

I haven’t listened to anything since the evening before and my ear is refreshed by a night’s sleep.

I feed the original mix into the master recorder and sit down in the centre.

Remote control: PLAY

With the first sound I close my eyes. The studio instantly vanishes. Another place, a much larger space opens up.

I enter it.

I have the very distinct feeling that music is merely a “great noise”, chiselled inside with a thousand details. It opens up like a living organism to let my hearing wander across it. A magnetic relation quickly occur and all the sounds that constitute this great noise draw me towards the East.

I accept this direction.

Later, much later, I reach a distant point on the horizon which pulls me towards it.“


Christian Zanési


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