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2017 21 Nov

„A Little Is Enough“

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A Little Is Enough is a really great performance of mine, and would have to be on any „best of“ collection that I put together. It’s really about how love changes in relationships, how you’re drawn together by romantic passion, and then what happens is that everything changes, and I was, in a sense, trying to use words to celebrate the decline of love in a young relationship. Around the time when I was making this record, I was having my first difficulties in my marriage and feeling that I’d allowed my career to take far too much priority in my life.

My wife had warned me that I was taking on too much, and I just wasn’t really listening to her, and one day I came back from the studio or a gig or maybe even from a party, weeping, crying – „This is all too hard, I’m depressed, I can’t do it, I can’t handle show business, nobody loves me, they’re not giving me enough money, they’re giving me too much money, I’m too big, I’m too small“, whatever it was – and I may even have said, „Do you love me? Nobody else seem to“. And she said, „No“ (laughs) Anyway, I went to somebody called Adi Irani, who was Meher Baba’s secretary for a long time, and he was doing a lecture tour over here, and he said, „You look a little bit sad.“ So I said, „Well, I’m going through my first real hiccup in my marriage,“ and he said, „Oh, what’s it about?“ And I said, „My wife doesn’t love me any more.“

And he said „Well, she’s there, isn’t she?“ And I said, „Yeah.“ And he said, „Then she must love you a little bit.“, and I said, „Yeah, yeah, she probably loves me a little bit.“ And he said, „Well, when you’re talking about love, which is in itself by nature infinite, then a little is enough.“ And it solved my immediate problem, but also seemed to me to be a very, very wise thought, and a very romantic thought too, you know, if you only have a moment of love in your life, it’s enough, because it never evades you and it always returns.“

– Pete Townshend in conversation with John Pidgeon, January 1996.


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