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2017 15 Nov

Manamory 8/2017

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„The Necks, when performing live, never discuss beforehand what will happen. Our music, in the live performance, is never prescribed – verbally or otherwise; it “discovers” itself while being made by us and we, in turn, respond. I don’t set out to mimic or sonically construct particular settings in nature. Having said that, I believe there is a strong connection between the seemingly repetitive and gradually modulating nature of much of Australia’s landscape and the music we make. I also see that there is a connection between myself (and other members of the group) having grown up on the shores of the Pacific Ocean and the aesthetic choices we make.



The title „Tauchgang“ from „Metrics“ is a direct translation of the Norwegian word „dykk“. I asked my (German) wife Eva what it would be in German, and thought it sounded even better and more fitting in your language. I also speak German (but I’m not so good at writing it – hence the english in my email), and could thereby understand it quite well. The reason for the title, is that after putting together the many, many layers making up the piece I took a step back and tried to hear it without analysing it, to be able to give it a proper title. I could very clearly visualise the music, which doesn’t happen that often. To me, the long, almost hesitating waiting and tension in the introduction, resulting in a big crescendo and ultimately a near orgasmic release (I couldn’t find a more fitting word) very much resembles standing on the edge of a cliff and diving into the water. Going deeper and deeper and finally when you open your eyes you’re in a submarine landscape where sounds behave differently, your body moves more slowly, and your sight is a bit obscured. The deeper you go the more mysterious creatures you find.


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