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2017 14 Nov

Some short observations on a masterclass TV series

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„Halt and Catch Fire is the kind of show that doesn’t shy away from dealing with the complexities of relationships — the selfishness, the connections, the petty bitterness, the support — and the many iterations such relationships can take. These characters have deeply hurt one another, but they’ve also been uniquely understood. In setting the season during the advent of the Internet, there are connections to be made between the simultaneous excitement of being part of a world-changing technology, the cutthroat scramble to get there first, and how these characters relate to one another in such an environment“

– Juan M. Suarez, Popmatters


„This series at first seemed to be too clever for its own good, but improved in all ways possible, from episode to episode, ending up, from the last third of season one onwards, as one of the most nuanced character dramas of recent TV-history. Even the soundtrack choices quickly grew from smart ass to wise, subtle, and knowing. When, in the last season, sadness nearly became unbearable in episode 8, we can hear, on an old record player, a song by Dire Straits, from an album I personally never liked, Brothers in Arms, and it fucking worked – here – in more ways than the obvious references of the lyrics may suggest.“

– m.e.

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  1. Jochen:

    „It´s too quiet here“, Donna said, „can you put some record on?“ Cam held Harvest in her hand and some other covers that seemed to be familiar in the eye of the observer. „Nothing fits“, she mourned. Donna had a short look. „Take this – it´s perfect.“

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Would they have heard HARVEST, they had cried a river. That Dire Straits song at least made them able to move. To kind of act somehow normal, and get some fucking things done.

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