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2017 11 Nov

Shangrila Lucid Dream (around 2001)

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It is a distant beach, out of reach for any flight company. People gather on the beaches playing congas, bongos, everything you can hit on. A summer of love vibe in the air and I don‘t know the exact moment where I understood, oh, I‘m dreaming. It happened maybe fifteen years ago (in real life), I always loved the idea of being part of a community who has written peace and love on their flags, and really lives it.

In this dream I am looking for a woman of my dreams, and there she is, I leave out the details of her features, her dark brown skin. We have a lovely conversation about Antonioni‘s movie with the big villa exploding in the end. I tell her how similar this scenery is to the Hippie shangrila of the movie. She says, this is not a movie, and I know, this is a dream, but don‘t want to make things more complicated. She is so real, and her kisses full of life and extravaganza. I tried some of the tricks to stay inside the lucid dream. Quick turnarounds of the body, keeping yourself saying this is a dream. Interesting, all these strategies didn‘t interfere with my romantic feelings.

After another series of kisses and dense body contact – I never came closer to an orgasm inside a lucid dream without awakening – she‘s standing up being worried about the dark clouds appraching the sand with a surreal hurry. Within seconds hard rain is hitting the ground, and everybody‘s looking for shelter. In this tohuwabohu, where everyone is strangely on his and her own, the whole idea of  community is replaced by a nasty fight for survival. The rain coming down so hard, it hurts, makes all of us run, run, run, without thinking, without empathy, and I lose every bit of knowing the state of my mind of being inside a dream.

Cause, otherwise, I could‘ve stopped the rain.


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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Funny enough I never liked the film except the finale grosso with the music of Pink Floyd (?) …. from outside It was soooo boring, but … being there … tells another story! I never would have posted it here and today, after Rosato’s journey to the past, in case it had had a happy ending ….

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Two remarks:

    – there have been many reports of full orgasms in lucid dreams that don‘t necessarily make you wake up afterwards.

    – if you have an intimate an heartfelt encounter with another woman in the lucid dream state, and it takes some time, then it is not unusual to feel a bit of loss and melancholic afterwards.

  3. Joanie Rotten:

    Post coitum omni usw, even in a lucid dream, aha! MIR rätst Du über den Atlantik zu fliegen und Du machst das, was Du im Alltag auch die ganze Zeit machst in your lucid dream.

    „And why didn´t you stop the rain?“ asks the Psychoanalyst.

  4. Michael Engelbrecht:

    … naja, der luzide Traum ist 15 Jahre alt, und in Kalifornien war ich da scheinbar. Man verliert halt mitunter die Luzidität. Sonst wäre ich ja der gewesen, den John Fogerty herbeigerufen jat, in dem wunderbaren Song „Who stops the rain“. Mich interessierte im Nachhinein an dem Traum, wie sich etwas Phantastisches ins Gegenteil verkehrte, Illusionen auflösen.

    Und die Frau war ne glatte 10, lernte ich damals auch nicht jeden Tag kennen, also, das war schon was Einzigartiges. Weil die ja ganz und gar lebendig war, kein Pappmachee …

    10 Euro in die Machokasse.

  5. Joanie Rotten:

    50,- für den Spruch, vorausgesetzt ich darf die dann entleeren und in der Boutique meiner Wahl verbraten!

    And the Hippie Shangrilas were always exploding at the end. Und Zabriskie point ist immer durchwebt von nahenden Verhängnissen, hätte ich mir nicht ausgesucht.

  6. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Just happened to be there.

  7. Michael Engelbrecht:

    At all times freaky and far-out, Michelangelo Antonioni’s fascinating and under-appreciated 1970 film Zabriskie Point is now on re-release. Mocked and critically patronised at the time, this was a counterculture adventure with something in common with Easy Rider and Bonnie and Clyde. It was a midwife to the desert reveries of David Lynch, and provided an acid flashback to Hitchcock’s North by Northwest.

    Short of travelling by time machine, watching this film is the best way to visit the Los Angeles of the late 1960s, with all the streetscapes, billboards and brand names. Zabriskie Point created its own docu-surrealism by casting non-professional unknowns and meshing real campus-unrest footage with experimental waywardness. It is superior, in my heretical view, to his 1966 film Blowup.

    Mark Frechette plays an armed student radical on the run from police. Stealing a small plane, he lights out for the stark beauty of Death Valley, where he meets Daria (Daria Halprin), a hippie chick with whom he has a sexual epiphany, psychodramatised as an orgy.

    Daria is having an affair with Lee (Rod Taylor), a corporate real-estate exec, whose company, Daria belatedly grasps, is despoiling the desert with its bourgeois developments. What follows is not a bonfire but a slo-mo detonation of the vanities. Antonioni’s head trip of a film is very pleasurable.

    – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, 2014

  8. Joanie Rotten:

    Surreales roadmovie und ständiger Zusammenprall zwischen Lebens – und Freudschem Todestrieb. Wenn man so will! Nicht mehr und nicht weniger. Und zuviel Hippieselbstinszenierung, zu formschick, zu “ in“, zu comme il faut in dieser Zeit.

  9. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Ja, so war auch mein Gefühl zu diesem Film immer.
    Ein Stückweit hat er mich angezogen, dann aber nur ernüchtert. Aber das ist alles lange her …. mitunter ändert sich die Wahrnehmung von Filmen, nicht immer zum Guten.

    Aber lieber in einem Szenario dieses Hippiefilms mit einer Toölen Frau über Zabriskie Point reden und guten Sex haben, als a la Woody Allen nach dem Kino angstrengtes Zeug über Bergman reden, um eine Frau zu beeindrucken.

  10. Joanie Rotten:

    … und die Fehlleistung über die toole Frau ist unbezahlbar! 50,-€!

  11. Michael Engelbrecht:

    … mit einer wahnsinnscoolen Frau …

  12. Joanie Rotten:

    Brauchst Du jetzt gar nicht mehr auszubessern!

    A propos Woody: beim Charadenraten hast Du mal eine wunderbare Parodie des Stadtneurotikers geliefert.

  13. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Ferne Erinnerung …

  14. Brian Whistler:

    A very vivid telling of a very vivid dream. I felt I was there in the extasy and sudden change of tone. Too bad you couldn’t stop the rain.

    As for ZP, I haven’t thought much about that film since I was a young man, it would be indteresting to see what the older version would think.

  15. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Me, too. By the way, couldn‘t get my emails to you lately. Came back, though the adress was right.

    Now your review of Anouar is quoted in extenso on the ECM homepage, go for news, go for „reviews November 3“…

    Waiting for the harrowing one :)

  16. Michael Engelbrecht:

    P.S. and, by the way, Brian, I would‘ve loved to be the one from the John Fogerty song to stop the rain! But I was only a fool losing my clear mind.

  17. Joanie Rotten:

    Naja, das Bewusstbleiben ist anstrengend und die Sogwirkung des Träumens sehr stark. Und danach kommt eben die surreale – oder symbolhafte – Weiterführung.

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