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The November list guarantees a big variety between exploding colours, psychedelic work-outs and different shades of noir, in sound and vision. Of course we have lately seen some brilliant tv series, Halt and  Catch Fire will get all its praise in time, Humans, season 2 is another gem, Vikings, season 4 a stone-cold killer – and for everyone who‘s planning his or her Manafonistas year‘s end list of favourite records, here are seven more that will come out till Dec. 8th and may influence final choices: Mavis Staples: If All I Was Was Black / Lucinda Williams: Sweet Old World / Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings: Soul of a Woman / Tom Rogerson with Brian Eno: Finding Shore (a good title for a record being released on a label named Dead Oceans) / Jon Balke & Siwan: Nahnou Houm / Brooklyn Raga Massive: Terry Riley‘s In C / Four-Tet: New Energy.

Autumnal greetings from MHQ


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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    from MOJO, November edition

  2. Michael Engelbrecht: / how-the-sublime-absurdity-in-fargo-speaks-to-our-post-truth-era …

    Yes, great article, but you should see „Fargo, season 3“ before reading, Fargo 3 is a stand-alone, and outstanding.

  3. Uli Koch:

    Danke für die die Tipps! Habe gerade Brooklyn Raga Massive gehört: genial. Hätte nicht gedacht, dass das so gut geht „In C“ wie einen Raga zu behandeln; fühlt sich an wie eine Art des Nachhause Kommens. Ich habe klassisch indische Musik schon immer geliebt, wenn sie nicht zu dudelig wurde und das passiert meist nur, wenn sie zu westlich wird. „In C“ ist jedenfalls ein Fest! Auch lohnt ein Reinhören in die Coltrane-Interpretationen der gleichen Truppe…

  4. Michael Engelbrecht:

    You‘re welcome.

    I loved the IN C version from Mali, too!

  5. Uli Koch:

    Ja, die Mail-Version ist zweifelsohne ebenfalls exzellent!

  6. Brian Whistler:

    I want to start watching the series Fargo. Sounds like I’ve really missed something.

    Also, when I was a kid there was a jungle exotica tune on the radio, mid 60s probably, that inadvertently provisioned a certain kind of ambient jazz. All I can remember is it was slow and had all these bird noises. And it was a hit on the radio. Anyone care to guess what this oddity was?

  7. Michael Engelbrecht:

    The Mighty Foghorns: The Lion Sleeps Tonite (with tenor sax and bird calls), nope, joking, but maybe similar oddities of a more wilder touch you‘ll find on the cd SOUNDS OF THE UNEXPECTED. I have real doubts that anyone will come up with the tune you have in mind :):):) – but if so, I‘ll play it at the end of the year in hour no. 4, as part of the surreal „Hörnum Jukebox Collection“ …

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