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2017 1 Okt

„Power Spots“ – Mellrichstadt / Dartmoor

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Within the fields of existential, or possibly pagean experience, or even occult spirituality, different physical locations are believed to be holy / existential sites because they possess an access to spiritual (resp. a certain, rarely unearthed human) energy. Common power spots often include mountains, caves, springs, the (often) windstill areas of small village backyards (Mellrichstadt!) – and other locations of unusual natural phenomena.

Recognized power spots are places that intensify whatever people bring to them, so that spending even short periods of time in them can lead to spiritual / existential transformation. Carlos Castaneda was a devoted searcher of power spots. „Power Spot“ is the name of a fantastic record by Jon Hassell, too. Though often connoted with holy places, power spots can sometimes be hardly recognized by their quite ordinary appearance (photo 1).

A good aquaintance of mine nearly lost her life in Dartmoor weeks ago by foolishly undererstimating certain power spot features of an area officially marked with signs of danger. She (a trained post-Freudian therapist) was even warned to enter the moor by a small, „strangely looking“, old woman, but downplayed the advice by thinking she would be kind of foolish. She wasn’t. The result: my aquaintance was white like a ghost after returning very late – for more than half an hour, she thought, every step could be her last.



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