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2017 29 Sep

Hans Zimmer meets Radiohead

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Hans Zimmer is responsible for the soundtrack of the highly acclaimed TV documentary series PLANET EARTH 2. A fantastic journey through different land- and cityscapes, with brilliant camera work and decent comments from the off by England’s great old pioneer of nature docs.

    Nevertheless the music of Hans Zimmer is the minor quibble. I can kindly ignore it, or allow to be taken away by its simple trickery of stereotypal relaxation and tension moods. The music is utterly predictable, just enhancing the basic moods, never offering the second „story line“, a different perspective.

    The same happens here. Radiohead light, and finally reaching the mainstream of cheap grandiosity. Wrong decision, imo.

  2. ijb:

    I haven’t seen the documentary, but I guess I’d have written the exact same comment had I seen it. Yes, Zimmer has hardly ever contributed anything other than that, unfortunately – which is probably the main reason for his enormous success. I only have two or three of his soundtracks, and I most recently loved his work for „Dunkirk“, but other than that… not much.

    I find the pairing not only surprising, but also a bit worrying, for the same reasons you mention. And since Radiohead have recently mentioned they’re at last open to go into their classicist period now, I sincerely hope they will not proceed with this kind of mainstream grandiosity. (However, maybe they will finally become as loved by the mainstream as their peers U2 and Coldplay, haha!) The video makes me a bit uneasy, as Zimmer talks all the time, while Thom and Jonny are sitting next to him, looking rather out of place or even reluctant.

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    We’re thinking with one mind this time!:)

    Interesting, today is the day of the reissue of one of Jon Hassell’s greatest works, DREAM THEORY IN MALAY. A kind of „dangerous“ fourth world music that relies on strangeness, disturbance, and a very different, cliche-free kind of „beauty“.

    On Glitterbeat, with a previuously unrelased track, and Lanois and Eno in the studio….

    Radiohead meets Jon Hassell – that would be pure anti-classicism, and real adventure!

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