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2017 24 Aug

… look at September, look at October …

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He or she, an alien, young dude, young girl, sweet seventeen, eighteen, a future full of promises, some blessed, some cursed. The world, currently on edge. The madman in the White House can start a nuclear attack any time his disturbed mind tells him to do so. He has to be taken away from duty, peacefully. The Geriatric Center for Millionaires might take care. Or some Golden Coast Resort with a team of life coaches for hoplessly narcisstic fascists. Fucking Nixon, drunk, once tried a strategic nuclear attack, Kissinger (one of fucking Kissinger’s few good deeds) stopped him in the process.  But, imagine, the world will not yet have reached its next end to come, imagine a young lad or lady who never have heard or read or seen anything of our recommendations for September. He, she starts from top, works to the bottom. First, an Austrian with a knack for empty spaces in music will put our earth-bound alien into a deep trance. Takes a day to come back to so-called real life. The four Eno albums will open one gate of perception after the other. Takes weeks to resurface. Alien buys a damaged synthesizer. Alien sings „The Fat Lady of Limbourg“ in the shower. Diving into a fresh and witty (though profound) book about The Beatles then leads to different stages of being lost. Alien, or Innocentia, will learn the „yeah-code“ and loose innoence. Fifty-five „yeahs“ in „It won’t take long“ – it won’t take long?  Takes months to resurface. The story does not end yet, here we go:  „Flamingo“, by master writer James Lee Burke. Another 480 pages to get lost in. At the end, „Ozark, season 1“: welcome to the third (!)  golden age of TV. The world is a dark place. Everything is broken, everything falling apart. Time for love, real, good, strong love. „Nunc stans“. „This is the first day of the rest of your life.“ Lessons to fight, lessons to surrender.


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  1. Brian whistler:

    I share your thoughts. So scary to think this unhinged madman has the nuclear codes. And thanks for the rec for Ozarks. Hadn’t herd about it. Netflix? (Looking forward to the 3rd. Season of Man in the High Castle.)

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    OZARK got mixed reviews, I liked it very much. Yes, Netflix.

    One of my alltimefaves drom the start: THE LEFTOVERS – the third season is the final one.

    I’m happy to see Daniel Lanois again, in Kristiansand. At the Punkt Festival. See Blogroll.

    As an old ECM follower you will be ver happy with Björn Meyer’s PROVENANCE, out in mid September.

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