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„It’s a strange thing for anyone to say, but from a renowned composer it’s especially baffling. „I’m not much of a music fan,“ says Harold Budd towards the end of a warm, engaging if occasionally mystifying conversation. „I just don’t listen to music – at all!“ Even more surprising, perhaps, is the fact that the 77-year-old doesn’t even own his favoured instrument: a piano. „I think they’re ugly things,“ he chuckles. „Architecturally speaking, and in other ways. So to actually live with a piano? Well, that would really insult my aesthetic sense.“

(from an interview, some years old)

Hans Otte / Herbert Henck: Buch der Klänge

Roger Eno: 18 Keyboard Studies By Hans Friedrich Micheelsen

Matthew Bourne: Moogmemory

Harold Budd & Brian Eno: The Plateaux of Mirror

Nils Frahm: Solo Remains

Walter Carlos: Switched-on Bach

Roedelius: Selbstportrait Vol. II

Peter Broderick: Partners

Dennis Johnson: November

John Cage / Herbert Henck: Eary Piano Works


Pascal Comelade: Haikus de Piano

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Of course, some of it is witty, full of humour, in certain aspects, other albums are not witty at all, and more on the dreamy, yearning side of sensations … my relationship to Walter Carlos‘ famous album goes back to 1973, roundabout, and I had fun listening to it on high volume and big loudspeakers in my neighbourhood. Don’t know if that „classic“ would still work for me nowadays…

    In other words, much of this is easy listening without easy listening, in fact, deep listening is required here and there, and will be awarded.

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