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2017 14 Aug

Recorded February 1979 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg

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Path by Tom Van der Geld has so much space in it – this is the first time I have fully heard that space. It’s heavenly.“ (Brian Whistler on hearing this trio album with Tom Van Der Geld, vibraharp, Bill Connors, guitars, and Roger Janotta, flute, soprano saxophone, oboe, via Tidal‘s streaming service in high resolution)


I would not call it one of my favourite covers, but what a delight to find this buried treasure. And this is really one I’ve never heard before. And though it‘s definitely an ECM-sounding ECM album, „space“ here defines its very own territory, no formula required. (m.e.)


It’s a “path” that takes several talented hands and considerably open minds to forge and that “road less traveled” is certainly well appreciated by listeners who can think outside of standard, scripted genre classifications. (Douglas Payne)


Like a meteor shower, one spends a long time waiting for excitement in Path, only to realize that the pregnant darkness to which one has held such rapt attention harbors far greater wonderment. As one of ECM’s most transparent statements, this positively exquisite album is an easy candidate for president of the label’s Bizarrely Out of Print Club. Find it any way you can and be moved, as you will.“ (Tyran Grillo)

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