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2017 5 Aug

Slow, Slow Down

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Tao films is a new online distribution service, which specialises in previously undistributed independent and arthouse cinema from around the world. The films they show have, in most cases, been rejected by other distributors because of their form, be it because they are too experimental, or too contemplative, or even both. Tao films gives those films a life because they believe that the directors show talent, vision, an eye for the extraordinary in the ordinary, a love for eye-opening simplicity, or a beautiful way to tell a story.


The VoD platform will expand a little more every month, offering a chance to see the potential of filmmakers from over 40 countries and from 5 continents. Tao films is not a business, as are other VoD platforms. Instead, they are more like a family consisting of the hosts, the filmmakers and the viewers. Obviously, it’s an effort to slow down, and, besides from being a counter-balance to action-filled home cinema and the speed of cuts, it may also put an eye on non-narrative forms of moving pictures in the future.


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