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2017 23 Mai

In a landscape

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Thug mise dhut biothbhuantachd
is dè thug thu dhòmhsa?
Cha tug ach saighdean
geura do bhòidhchid.
Thug thu cruaidh shitheadh
is treaghaid na dòrainn,
domblas an spioraid,
goirt dhrithleann na glòire.


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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    You took the words right out of my mouth!

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    I love Peter Broderick’s version of IN A LANDSCAPE, you can find it on his album PARTNERS…

    “I listened to a recording that I had over and over, five seconds or so at a time, picking out every single note. Then cross-referencing what I’d learned with other versions of the piece as well as the original score.”

    In the end, his version reveals slightly more emotion, nothing Cage had been looking for in the first place.

  3. Ian M:

    Translation here:

    Re: Broderick – love it, the reverb really points up the connections between the notes, and gives the middle section of the piece more of a sense of motion.

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