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2017 24 Mrz


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It’s been a good week in music. Enjoying Fiction/Non-Fiction, then the new Drake mixtape appeared, with some ace tracks like Madiba Riddim (potential lifer) lovely stuff. Then 4 Gorillaz tracks appear on YouTube, complete with animated clips.

The Gorillaz tracks are affecting, especially „Andromeda“ with its joyful but fucked-up feel and repeated phrase „take it in your heart“. An intriguing mix.

So you go find an interview, and you find this: Simply put, we’re in transition, we’re turning into something else,” Albarn said of the album’s narrative. “The album kind of came from this dark fantasy. Just imagine, the weirdest, most unpredictable thing that changes everything in the world. How would you feel on that night? Would you go and get drunk? Would you stay at home? Just watch TV? Would you talk to people?


Here is a photo picked at random to go with this post:


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