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2017 12 Mrz

Finding a New Lifer

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q) What’s a „Lifer“?
a) Something that goes into your playlist and never leaves it. Even if it’s years between listens, it’s something that never leaves you.
q) what is this new Lifer you found, and how did you find it?
a) the song is „Swap Places“, the final track from The Apartments LP No Song, No Spell, No Madrigal. I was on Amazon looking for an old Bathers CD second hand, and No Song, No Spell, No Madrigal popped up in the recommendations. It has fantastic cover art. It would have been foolish not to check out the music.
q) What got you about the music?
a) I mislike the word „authenticity“ but in this case, I’ll make an exception. Something about the vocal reminded me of The Go Betweens (whose Streets of Your Town is another Lifer of mine). After a couple of listens I looked up the band on Wikipedia and whaddya know – the guy used to be in The Go Betweens. Must be the accent made me think of it. What really got me, as well as the authenticity, was the lyrics. The situation they describe is unbearably sad and obviously not fictitious. Which dispenses with the need for metaphor or figurative language.

If I could do your dying for you
If I could do your dying for you
You know I’d swap places in a New York minute
The wooden box would have me in it

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    I have 12 Beatles lifers, 12 Kinks lifers, 14 Eno lifers, 8 Wyatt lifers, 2 Go-Betweens-lifers, 4 Talking Heads-lifers, 2 Television-lifers. And 3 Jebloy Nichols lifers.

    I do have round about 584 lifers.

    Though I love Mahler, i don’t have any Classical Music Lifer.

    No other manafonista has a single Jebloy Nichols lifer! This is sad.

    Hey, please, don’t spotify, don’t google. Just order COUNTRY HUSTLE from Amazon, the forthcoming Jebloy album, and you will at least have ONE Jebloy lifer! Maybe MORE!

  2. Ian M:

    I have no country lifers. Well, maybe Johnny Cash & U2 „The Wanderer“.

    Classical Lifers:

    Debussy – The Snow is Dancing
    Varese – Ameriques
    Mozart – Symphony no. 40 in G Minor (Molto Allegro)

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    I have one 10cc lifer: DREADLOCK HOLIDAY.

    I think, Jochen aka „Joey“ (!!!) has 38 Steely Dan lifers.

  4. Ian M:

    Punk Lifer – CRASS „Securicor“
    Mod Lifer – The Who „Substitute“
    French Lifer – La Souris Déglinguée „Une fille dans la rue“
    Rap Lifer – Mos Def „Pistola“
    Reggae Lifer – Keith Hudson „Civilisation“
    Undead Lifer Popol Vuh „Brüder des Schattens“

  5. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Undead / Deadlifer: Do You Realize (The Flaming Lips).

    Oklahoma City anthem, till it was cancelled by a Repubilican anti-lifer douchebag. Fact.

  6. Jochen:

    A shortlist of my Steely Dan lifers … :)

  7. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Guiilty pleaser lifers:

    1) My sentimental friend, Herman’s Hermits
    2) Seasons in the sun, Terry Jacks
    3) In the year 2525, Zagger & Evans

    The ultimate jazz lifer:


    27 Neil Young Lifers
    2 Fun Boy Three Lifers
    5 Young Marble Giants Lifers

    My three all time Bob Dylan lifers:

    1) ISIS
    2) SISTER

    (All from Desire)

  8. Lajla:

    One of my interesting „lifer“ is FREE: BE MY FRIEND.

  9. Jan Reetze:

    As there’s not a single moment in my whole lifetime without having some music in my head, it’s hard to find special lifers … Jefferson Airplane’s WHITE RABBIT, The Tornado’s TELSTAR, Pet Shop Boys‘ IT’S A SIN, Bert Kaempfert’s HAPPY TRUMPETER, Stockhausen’s HYMNEN Region IV, Gary Burton’s & Steve Swallow’s SWEET HENRY, France Gall’s POUPEE DE CIRE, Holger Czukay’s COOL IN THE POOL, Eno’s THE BIG SHIP, Cluster’s ES WAR EINMAL, Steve Reich’s COME OUT, Eberhard Schoener’s KOAN, Dusty Springfield’s I ONLY WANT TO BE WITH YOU, Beatle’s I AM THE WALRUS, Brahms‘ SYMPHONY #2 … I could go on and on, too many to name even a small part of them … Most of this stuff I heard before I was 30.

  10. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Hardcore minimalist lifer, Jan :)

    COME OUT by Mr. Reich, would like to add: it’s gonna rain it’s gonna rain it’s gonna rain it’s gonna rain it’s gonna rain it’s gonna rain it’s gonna rain it’s gonna rain it’s gonna rain it’s gonna rain … AND ALL THOSE CCR lifers!!!!!

  11. Michael Engelbrecht:


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