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2017 9 Mrz

Another kind of wilderness

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It’s a dream world, and it’s a jungle. The working methods change as do the places to be. As I said, we’re in the jungle this time, and it’s not mighty. Not mighty at all. More Walt Whitman than Walt Disney. They are three, but they sound like a tribe on this double album, vinyl only. Every side of UNFOLD covers one original composition, and as different as they are, from mood and air and heat, it’s still and always jungle time. Everyone will get lost there, get lost in his own favourite undergrowth, favourite power spot and favourite outpost. The percussion man seems like a bunch of percussionists. Branches and leaves and squelchy rain drumming. The keyboards can easily be drowned in these textures of high density, but a clearing is going to happen from time to time. The bass is a bass in the wilderness, sends signals, heartbeats, and farewells. Those searching do not always find, but THE NECKS discover a lot in their thrilling modus operandi of getting, well, lost, turning the old piano trio format upside down again and again. I asked Chris Abrahams about his inspirations, the working process in the studio, the mixing. A kind of introduction into the adventurous world of a band that never fails to surprise.



Chris Abrahams speaking


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