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It was deep in the night, so at one point, for one or two short moments, my voice is losing its flow. But anyway, it’s always quite strange to play and talk music „till the morning comes“. (Oh, yeah, that old Neil Young song from „After The Goldrush“). Most of these hours‘ talking is written down, some of it improvised, with some key words. Diving into these guitar albums – crossing five decades – is a time travel of sorts, a subtle crossover of memories and being in the drifting here and now. If the music takes me away too far, the newsman will appear behind the glass window, and I’m forced back into reality. A short shot of adrenaline. Best, Michael!


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  1. Brian whistler:


  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Brian, the next „close-up“ hour in my all night marathons (April 15th) will be titled „With the church in my suitcase – the instrumental solo albums of Daniel Lanois“ – my point is, after the dark last efforts, he has met some of his shadowy demons … not he kind of „church“ to find consolation in. But who knows?

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