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2017 24 Jan

Suicide Sue & Major Tom

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We will give her a try. One hour before noon, roundabout. It will take some time to arrive at Duncker Str., Prenzlauer Berg. Suicide Sue is a small breakfast café, even Lajla has never been here before on her adventurous Berlin travels. The name reveals a special kind of humour. I hope the music there is some icy new wave from the The British 80’s, stuff from the Creation label, or Viny Reilly from Manchester. No problem if some hot American girl groups, the New York Dolls, are part of the game. We wait and see. We eat and listen. The weather outside: secondhand daylight, the colours will explode later, with The Flaming Lips taking stage.


Later in the evening: The Lips really took the stage … awesome! Major Tom was there, too, in his space bubble, rolling above our heads … we saw Wayne riding his unicorn, and they dedicated one piece to the late Jaki Liebezeit, they called him such an influential guy, „a national treasure“. 


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