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I’m a bit quick, sorry, but I just did a two hours phoner with „American Wrestlers“. Yes, there are surprises here. I know. But it’s me, no clone. Your point of view keeps changing, when certain records with names known and unknown surpass your expectations by far. And a lot of it happened in the last weeks. Everybody knows: you hear a band you never knew it has even existed, and then, BANNGGG … like „American Wrestlers“. Me oh my! Did anyone expect the Monkees return with a game-changer of sorts: „Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid“.  Don’t be too sure. I will wear my Sting shirts again – he’s the giant – the living message in the bottle. At the end of the day, these records had the deepest impact on me reaching out for the deepest bottom of my soul. Some changes in the last moment, intuition over habit. Hey, Lord, what a glorious collection of masterpieces! Thank you for listening.



01) The Rolling Stones: Blue and Lonsesome
02) The Monkees: Good Times!
03) Rumer: This Girl’s In Love
04) American Wrestlers: Goodbye Terrible Youth
05) Metallica: Hard-Wired … To Self-Destruct
06) Barry Gibb: In the Now
07) Nils Landgren: Christmas With My Friends V
08) Kaiser Chiefs: Stay Together
09) Victoria Tolstoy: Meet Me At The Movies 
10) Sting: 57th & 9th


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  1. Martina Weber:

    What a surprise. Just listened to a song by the Monkees and had a really good time.
    But I wouldn´t be surprised if this list was a joke and another one, your „real“ one, would follow.

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    No, sorry, no joke intended. This is the REAL list. Rumer is gorgeous.

  3. uwe meilchen:

    … and the STING record is one of the worst he’d ever done ! All songs show him expressing sentiments he executed elsewhere and earlier in his career much better …
    3 good songs on this one … and his last good album was „Soul Cages“ which you disliked from the release date on as far as I remember !

  4. uwe meilchen: / reviews / is-stings-new-album-57th-9th-any-good …

  5. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Well, things change. Very sophisticated, this one.

    57th & 9th stands as a testament to Sting’s inherent gifts as a songwriter and record-maker. It‘ is easy to find negative reviews for anything, Uwe. It’s a growing, living thing. So please do me a favour and respect my changing points of view.

    I left out some of the more familar records here (as the brilliant Paul Simon that would habe made it up to the Top 20, as I wrote at another place). Better to make discoveries than to quote yourself in all these predictable ways. I highly recommend this Sting album to the advanced listener of „chanson modern“ with a cutting edge.

    Ten is enough. Do play every of this records, songwise, in my next show, in a row.

    Barry Gibb is a real treat, too. Deep listening.

  6. Poschlost:

    Tell-tale No. 7 (among others) – happy Xmas!

  7. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Thx, same to you, though there’s a bit of time left.

    A joy to read the lists, and the breaking of rules is part of the game.

    Where’s Gregs‘ one by the way? I think he’s just strolling around his local Christmas market looking for a new advent calendar, because his latest addition reads is a bit frustrating like Chinese oracles. Jeez‘, this man has plenty of time!

    And, what a moment of synchronicity: I’m very busy these days, but found a small gap of time to escape from my work for a look at the Greatest German Christmas Tree, here in Dortmund. And when I entered the „Bratapfelpunsch“-area, what did I hear from the loudspeakers? Sting’s awesome new album, they played the whole album. I feel fucking blessed!

  8. ijb:

    Die CD von Barry Gibb habe ich in der Tat gekauft.
    Für meine Mutter (*1953), die seit ihrer Jugend der größte Fan der Bee Gees ist.

  9. ijb:

    Die Reaktion war übrigens: „Die CD hat Lieder, die man als Fan genauso erwartet. Leider wurde ich beim Hören sehr traurig, weil ich immer daran denken musste, wie viele Leute aus meiner Jugendzeit schon gestorben sind. Auch die Lieder sind teilweise sehr sentimental.“

  10. Gregor:

    Natürlich ist diese Liste kein joke, außerdem, wie der Meister selbst schreibt, everything is gorgeous.

    Und, dass Michael ein Fan von Nils Landgren ist und am liebsten über die Weihnachtsmärkte schlendert und in Schokolade getauchte Bananen isst, weiß doch auch ein jeder.

  11. Michael Engelbrecht:

    You know me, and that makes me proud.

    Though a bit astonished AMERICAN WRESTLERS are not on your list with their wonderful album GOODBYE TERRIBLE YOUTH.

    @ Ingo: your mother is right.

    Thank you for accepting my change of routes.

  12. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Out of respect, the Monkees, the Stones and Mr. Gibb are not part of the garbage, but will turn into Christmas gifts.

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