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2016 3 Dez

A poem by Stephen Dobyns (b. 1941)

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    As it happens with most of the better poems, you’ll have to take a closer look! A magnifying-glass might help, a double-click, too! Yes, it’s the same Stephen Dobyns who has written this month’s thriller of the month, and I bet my diploma in pschology that Ian would love that dark comic crime novel with a knack for linguistics, sort of.

  2. Martina Weber:

    Click here, if there´s no magnifying-glass around …

  3. Martina Weber:

    The terms “masculine,” “witty,” and “humane” are frequently used to describe Dobyns’s poetry. In this poem it hits the point.

  4. Michael Engelbrecht:

    As far as I can see, from this poem and this crime novel, „witty“ and „humane“ are a good pairing.

    In the novel, he creates absurdist sceneries without making the persons unreal or artificial. Great!

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