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2016 27 Okt

From our series „The best movies of the 21st century“ – second edition: TRASH HUMPERS

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On paper this film sounds extravagantly silly. Basically what it is, is a bunch of old people smashing things up.




And as much as I’d love to be able to do an essay on it and talk about how – not unlike William Blake’s „Songs of Innocence and Experience“ from 220 years earlier – its simplicity (or rather apparent simplicity) defies any attempt to nail it down with words. TRASH HUMPERS, like Blake’s fireworks-in-your-synapses work, is free. You’re free too, to ignore it or call it dumb. I call it fucking genius. I saw it at the cinema – and as you can see in the above pictures, bought the DVD and also the book. The book was an ex-display copy I got cheap from the (it has to be said: miraculous) Magma bookshop on Oldham Street, Manchester. The first few leaves show light wear but the remainder of the volume is in crisp condition. Also, being display copy, the shop had fitted the book with a heavy duty plastic dustsheet. There is a card insert someplace inside the book, with the publishing company’s address in Zurich. It is a good book – some of the pictures in it are actually removeable stickers although why anyone would pay money for a book like this and then stick the stickers to, like a lamp post or somehing is beyond me. The book doesn’t have much in the way of words, just very bare sentences surrounded by white space that say things like „They sleep in junk piles with sleeping bags“. I am guessing that these (fewer than 20) sentences form the film’s script/screenplay.


Quite soon:  Into Eternity

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